Teddy Rankin-Parker

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Teddy Rankin-Parker
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Teddy Rankin-Parker is an American cellist specializing in improvisation and avant-garde music. Based in Oakland, he performs extensively throughout the US and Europe, wearing the hats of both composer and performance artist, and appearing in a variety of contexts including chamber orchestras, free improvised settings, performance art, and electro-acoustic music. Teddy is the touring cellist for the bands Primus and Iron & Wine, and has performed, toured, and recorded with dozens of artists, including Glen Hansard, International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), Eighth Blackbird, Ensemble N_JP, Chicago Sinfonietta, and Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble. For his current solo project, Some Other Fields, he commissioned, recorded, and performed new works for unaccompanied cello by Jim O’Rourke, Glenn Kotche, Richard Reed Parry, Gene Coleman, and Michael Beharie. Some Other Fields will be released in 2017.