Sina Bahram

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A debonair man gives a presentation using a microphone, headphones, laptop, and projector screen.
  1. Long A video still of a light-skinned man with dark facial hair wearing headphones. He is dressed professionally; a light grey collared shirt under a black suit jacket and navy blue tie with white and faint red diagonal stripes. In the breast pocket of his suit there is a bright red handkerchief. His mouth is open mid-sentence and he is standing in front of a ThinkPad laptop holding a microphone on a goose neck mike stand attached to what is presumably a lectern supporting the laptop. The background is split down the middle, a beige stone wall on the right and a blue wall to the left, or perhaps it is a clean blue chalkboard, ready for an idea. The slight pixelation, high contrast, and over-modulated color (especially the red) make it clear that this is a still frame of a video.
  2. Long A young bearded man, dressed in a suit and tie, fingers a microphone and leans in to speak. The setting is professional: the man stands at a podium, a laptop open in front of him. The blackboard behind him, along with the cinderblock wall it is mounted on, evoke a meeting room—maybe a classroom. Only a few hints suggest that this may be a special day for the man in the picture. His glossy black hair, peeking out from underneath a pair of high-end headphones, is tousled, rakishly askew. His pocket handkerchief is a natty, cherry red, the kind of color that one wears for an occasion. And his lips turn up at the corners, almost imperceptibly, in a rascally smile. Why does he smile? Perhaps it is a day for celebration. Has he finally turned in his thesis? Have his students aced their image description assignments? Maybe it is his birthday. To the viewer, the cause is mysterious. But we may imagine! Let’s suppose it is his birthday. And out of frame, his favorite student-clients send him their best wishes for a very happy day. Happy birthday, young man!
  3. Long Sharply dressed in a dark suit, gray shirt, blue and white striped tie, and wearing a red pocket square folded into a point as a sartorial accent, a younger, bearded man with black hair with head phones atop his head, leans forward slightly as he holds a microphone. A laptop is open in front of him and behind him is a cinder block wall on the right, and a blue screen of some kind on the left. Though there is no text, his passion is self-evident.


Sina is an accessibility consultant, researcher, and entrepreneur and the founder of Prime Access Consulting, an accessibility firm whose clients include high-tech startups, Fortune 1000 companies, and both private and nationally funded museums. Sina is also a doctoral candidate in computer science at North Carolina State University. His field of research is Human Computer Interaction (HCI) with a focus on multimodal approaches for eyes-free exploration of spatial information. As a recognized expert in accessibility, Sina enjoys collaborating with both colleagues in the field and individuals of diverse professions to devise innovative and user-centered solutions to difficult real-world problems. In 2012, Sina was recognized as a White House Champion of Change by President Barack Obama for his work enabling users with disabilities to succeed in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). In 2015, the international accessibility community recognized Sina as an Emerging Leader in Digital Accessibility at the annual Knowbility Community Heroes of Accessibility Awards.