Stephanie Luetkehans

MCA Member since Sep 2014

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A blonde woman holding an MCA Benefit Art Auction catalogue poses in front of a large abstract artwork.
Stephanie Luetkehans
Photo: Jeremy Lawson, © MCA Chicago

Why did you become an MCA Member?

I joined the MCA in 2014 to see David Bowie Is, but since joining, it's been like having a new neighbor—someone whom I can stop by and visit. This fabulous museum greets me with welcome arms and I always get a new "story" from my new friend told in an inventive and fun way.


Why is contemporary art important to you?

Why art? Art represents the best of what it is to be human. It is invention. It is culture. It is immediate. Art communicates in a way that is simultaneously intimate and public. Art is color and texture and space. It entertains and educates. It makes you think and it makes you feel.

Why are you supporting the MCA?

The MCA offers a dynamic art experience, presenting cutting-edge visual art, music, and performance. I especially like the way that the MCA provides the opportunity to see the evolution of an artist's work by exhibiting works throughout his or her career. I like the adventure of viewing the world through the lens of the artist. At the same time, I am fascinated that each work means something different to every person who experiences it.

As a member, whether attending a preview of a new exhibition, world premiere choreography, or summer jazz on the patio, I feel a sense of belonging to the MCA and a broader connection to the world. I want to support the MCA’s mission to create innovative exhibitions and support artists who are making art now. For me, supporting the MCA is a way to have a stake in our times. Why not art?