Lisa M. Key

Deputy Director


Director's Office


Armory Club Member

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Lisa M. Key
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What was the first exhibition/performance you saw at the MCA?

I attended (as a visitor) the 1996 opening of the new building—although it wasn't the first exhibition I saw, it was an incredible experience that I tie to my work at the museum all the time.

What is the first job you held at the MCA?

Director of Development

What is your favorite MCA memory?

Two people stand out to me: Ruth Horwich and Lindy Bergman. They were best friends because of the MCA and remained in daily contact with each other—and were involved with the MCA—well into their 90s. Their husbands originally served on the board but these two women both outlived them by many years and remained involved and created incredible opportunities and change for the museum. It has been a pleasure to meet and work with donors who are so vested in our work and Lindy and Ruth are great examples of that.

Who is your most memorable colleague or artist? Why?

Too many to name!