Scott Burton, Jared bark, Tom Kovachevich, Suzanne Lacy, Jon Hassell and Gundersen/Clark
Performance Week


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Jan. 5-10 Performance Week, a week devoted to performance includes artists from various parts of the country whose work demonstrates the diversity within this powerful, personal, and complex art. In addition to their performances, some of the artists will informally discuss their work using video and slides.


Jan. 5 - 6 Scott Burton, performance - Scott Burton shapes body language as a device for communicating feeling.

Jared Bark, performance - "Zero G", an ironic performance with absurd scientific discourses, personal narrative and rich formal images, involves performance and video-slide projections.


Jan. 7 Tom Kovachevich, performance - An array of materials and the performers, which are paper, serve as the simple elements in this work. The movement of the papers is the performance.

Scott Burton, performance Jared Bark, performance, discussion


Jan. 8 Suzanne Lacy, performance "Under My Skin "was essentially autobiographical with strong body references.

Scott Burton, performance

Tom Kovachevich, performance


Jan. 9 Jon Hassell, performance, discussion "Solid State”, illustrating the artist's redefinition of sound as "air-pressure sculpture" and "Toward an Indo-Afro-American Music", trumpet-electronic improvization.

Suzanne Lacy, performance


Jan. 10 Gundersen/Clark, performance - "Seid Wa" was a precisely timed, suspenseful and highly structured performance.

Jon Hassell - performance, discussion

Suzanne Lacy, discussion