Artists Up Close: Keeping the Art Alive



Steppenwolf's Martha Lavey; Michael Halberstam and Kate Lipuma from Writers' Theatre;  Remy Bumppo's James Bohnen, Jenny Magnus from Curious Theatre Branch; Court Theatre's Charles Newell; and other practitioners from Chicago's top theaters respond to Mike Daisey's controversial monologue How Theater Failed America. What is certain is that America has never needed the theatre more than now, and Chicago enjoys one of the richest dramatic cultural landscapes in the nation. Enter the debate about sustaining artistic dialogue in these times; balancing institutional needs with artistic vision; and methods for including artists in the institutional decision making process.

This program is organized in conjunction with Daisey's performances of If You See Something Say Something at the MCA Stage, October 10-12.

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A heavy-set man makes an expressive face with one eyebrow raised and mouth puckered, holding his hands close to his face. Behind him is a clear glass globe emitting pink and purple electricity.
Mike Daisey
Photo: Chris Bennion