Elevator Repair Service

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  • Edlis Neeson Theater
    First Floor, Accessible via the Griffin Entrance on Pearson Street
    220 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

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A woman and man lounge on a worn black leather couch, holding drinks and a bottle of liquor. The woman leans into the man while he reads a book. A blurred image of another woman is visible in the foreground, walking and talking on a mobile phone.
Scott Shepherd and Annie McNamara in Gatz
Photo: Gene Pittman


Thrillingly theatrical and moving… the company’s infectious love for Fitzgerald’s poetry makes you realize the shortcomings of almost every other staged adaptation.


Presented in partnership with the Chicago Humanities Festival

Gatz brings together the literary virtuosity of an American masterpiece and the mischievous creativity of one of New York's most celebrated experimental companies, Elevator Repair Service. Gatz is a bold staging of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, verbatim and unabridged. The work develops out of the simple beginning of a man sitting alone one morning in a dilapidated office reading out loud from a ragged paperback into a unique and transporting six-hour theatrical event. This ambitious, hilarious, strangely insightful work is a memorable experience not to be missed.

Running time: 7 1/2 hours, including two short intermissions and a dinner break


Jim Fletcher in Gatz
Photo: Chris Beirens

About the Artist

Elevator Repair Service, a theater ensemble directed by John Collins, combines elements of slapstick comedy, hi-tech and lo-tech design, both literary and found text, found objects and discarded furniture, and the group's own highly developed style of choreography. Their inspired and transformative experimentation has been widely applauded in the New York experimental theater world, with engagements across the US and Europe. The MCA is proud to present ERS in their Chicago debut.

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Scott Shepherd and Kate Scelsa in Gatz
Photo: Chris Beirens


Commissioned in part by the MCA with support by the National Performance Network Creation Fund.