Artists Up Close: Great American Novel, Revisited

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When and how did this notion of the great American novel enter into our national cultural life? Is it a uniquely American preoccupation, and/or a distinctly male one? What impact have diverse voices had on the discussion's course? Alternatively, is the pursuit of this white whale a silly and meaningless exercise?

This panel discussion focuses on the idea and pursuit of the "Great American Novel," and features John Collins, founder and artistic director of Elevator Repair Service; Wendy Steiner, Penn literary scholar; Nicholas Delbanco, author and University of Michigan professor of English; Morris Dickstein, CUNY professor of English; Kenneth Warren, University of Chicago professor of American and African American literature; and moderator Bill Savage, Northwestern University senior lecturer and literary culturist. Organized by the Chicago Humanities Festival.

Tickets $5, available by calling CHF at 312-494-9509

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Laurena Allan, Scott Shepherd, and Annie McNamara in Elevator Repair Service, GATZ
Photo: Gene Pittman