Works in Progress: Ken Fandell

  • Robert B. And Beatrice C. Mayer Education Center
    Above the Commons, Accessible via the Northeast Stairs and Elevator
    220 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

event description

Former UBS 12 x 12 artist and photographer Ken Fandell has exhibited widely nationally and internationally. Through his photography, installation, and video work he explores an on-going fascination with appropriating the world around him—from the sky above him to the ground beneath his feet.

His work often raises questions about frustration, art history, hobbies, high and low culture, perfection, failure, ambition, and alienation with his work. Fandell received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Featured image

Installation view, Kenneth Fandell, Days and Nights, Dawns and Dusks, East and West, North and South, Mine and Yours, 2007, MCA Chicago
Photo: Nathan Keay, © MCA Chicago