Uncommon Studio, at Little Black Pearl


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Off-Site Event

This event takes place at the Little Black Pearl Workshop (LBP), 1060 E 47th St. Call 312-397-3839 for more information


2 pm: Studio tour with Immy Mellin, LBP resident artist
3 pm: Panel discussion

For centuries, artists have relied on community resources and shared workshop spaces to create. This afternoon of studio viewing and discussion showcases how the place and context in which artists make art interconnects with the work itself. At 2 pm, LBP resident artist Immy Mellin takes us on a tour of his studio. At 3 pm, artist duo Derric Clemmons and Luz Castillo along with sculptors Jason Middlebrook and Milton Mizenberg explain how their creative collaborations with art institutions and community spaces have influenced their work. This discussion is moderated by Heidi Hickman, program director at LBP.

About the Artists

Derric Clemmons and Luz Castillo are the artist duo behind the studio "Coco Mocha - Art wear without rules."

Milton Mizenberg is a sculptor whose home studio in the Chicago Oakland neighborhood also serves as the Oakland Museum of Contemporary Art. Mitzenberg is using the LBP studios to teach, create, and expand his practice into an even more public and communal arena.

Jason Middlebrook is an artist based in Hudson, New York, who is producing a commission at Little Black Pearl with assistance from an LBP youth apprentice for the upcoming MCA exhibition Alexander Calder and Contemporary Art: Form, Balance, Joy.