Gallery Talk: Rebecca Zorach

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Rebecca Zorach
Photo: Charles Roderick


Art historian Rebecca Zorach connects Jim Nutt's paintings of imaginary women with approaches to portraiture popular during the Renaissance.

About the Speaker

Rebecca Zorach is the associate professor of art history at the University of Chicago. Her interests include late medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque art, feminist art and feminist theory, the late 1960s in Chicago, Thai art, and contemporary activist art. She is the author of Blood, Milk, Ink, Gold: Abundance and Excess in the French Renaissance and the coeditor of Embodied Utopias: Gender, Social Change, and the Modern Metropolis and The Idol in the Age of Art: Objects, Devotions, and the Early Modern World. She also edits and writes for AREA Chicago. Her forthcoming book with the University of Chicago Press is titled The Passionate Triangle.