DanceMasters Class: Reggie Wilson & Andréya Ouamba

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Two men sit on the gray floor of a dance studio. Each extends his right leg straight in front of them, with their left leg bent and held off the ground. The men gesture with their arms.
Reggie Wilson and Andreya Ouamba
Photo: Antoine Tempe


Learn firsthand from the choreographers and dancers featured this season at MCA Stage. The convenient class times at locations around the city allow you to meet fellow Chicago artists as you workshop a variety of techniques with internationally renowned dance artists. Classes are intermediate level or higher.

This DanceMasters class is based on modern, full-bodied, grounded, rhythm-based movement. Reggie Wilson teaches his own movement idiom, bringing contemporary technique and postmodern structure to rhythmic folk traditions, while Andréya Ouamba leads improvisational structures and illustrate the early creative impulses from this collaborative team. Together they teach participants how to create contemporary movement utilizing source materials, elements, and movement languages from cultures of the Southern United States, the Caribbean, and Southern, Western, and Central Africa.

DanceMasters is produced by The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago in association with the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.