Family Day: Anticipate the Warmth

Free For Families

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A pale-skinned child with short, dark hair is bent over, creating art with clay and tools.
Family Day, Apr 9, 2011
Photo: Meghan Ryan, © MCA Chicago


Shared art experiences. New every time.

The MCA looks ahead to the summer for creative inspiration. Work with artists to invent play things, learn about storytelling, and anticipate the summer months.


Building Blocks
Inspired by Liam Gillick's Rescinded Production, create wood pieces of all colors and shapes and build an imaginary space with artist Annie Heckman.
4th-floor lobby

Find a Story/Leave a Story
Working with artist Kristin Sabatino, invent stories about the many characters seen in the exhibition Seeing is a Kind of Thinking and explore ones created by others.
4th-floor Lake Gallery

Piece by Piece
With artist Suzanne Sebold, explore layers and light by collaging with opaque and see-through materials.
Education Center, first floor

Shape + Shift + Twist = Transform
Transform yourself by creating a sculpture on your body with artist Cheryl Pope, inspired by Eric Lebofky's character in his artwork The Distractionist.
Second-floor atrium

Look & Learn
Designated start times. Sign up at the registration tables.
Explore the exhibition Jim Nutt: Coming Into Character, and talk about the artwork and your ideas with artist Rachel Harper.

Stroller Valet
Move freely through the museum by checking your stroller at our complimentary stroller valet.