Eiko & Koma

  • Turner Gallery
    Fourth Floor, Southwest Side
    220 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

Featured image

Eiko & Koma, Naked
Photo: Anna Lee Campbell


Linger, stay here with your eyes, and kinetically observe how our bodies move toward the unknown.
—Eiko & Koma


Eiko & Koma are venerated dance artists who have been making collaborative works for more than 40 years, since leaving Japan for New York in 1974. Using their bodies, duration, and process as their guideposts, they create stark, elemental works in landscapes, in rivers, in graveyards, and are presented by theaters, museums, and festivals world-wide.

Their living installation, Naked, is set in a human-scale nest of canvas, twigs, and feathers, with the audience steps away from the artists. It is a durational performance by Eiko & Koma and the audience may come and go. Immersive and transcending, it invites you, in their words, to “linger, stay here with your eyes, live, and kinetically observe how our bodies move towards death.” Situated in the Turner Gallery, Eiko & Koma perform Naked as part of the exhibition Time Is Not Even, Space Is Not Empty, on view through November 13, 2011, and which invites you to experience their remarkable career arc with key works through photographic and video documentation, installations, and live performance.