Hubbard Street Dance Chicago
danc(e)volve: New Works Festival


Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, with dancers Jessica Tong and Jason Hortin
Photo: Todd Rosenberg


Copresented with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

This new festival features world premiere works by renowned Hubbard Street Dance Chicago (HSDC) and Hubbard Street 2 (HS2). The project strengthens HSDC and the MCA’s commitment to supporting developing artists.

Artistic Director Glenn Edgerton is selecting pieces to develop into full works from the annual Inside/Out Choreographic Workshop, which fosters choreographic talent within the company; as well as from HS2’s National Choreographic Competition. danc(e)volve also features the new work Resident HSDC Choreographer and company member Alejandro Cerrudo is making for HS2.

Program A (Jan 19–20; Jan 28–29):

  • Path and Observations (15 min); Johnny McMillan, Choreographer
  • Recall (15 min); Robyn Mineko Williams, Choreographer
  • Never was (7 min); Alejandro Cerrudo, Choreographer
  • Untitled Landscape (15 min); Jonathan Fredrickson, Choreographer
  • Bonobo (16 min); Penny Saunders, Choreographer

Program B (Jan 21–22; Jan 26–27):

  • ...and other stories of imperfection (7 min); Alice Klock, Choreographer
  • Facets of the Same (16 min); Taryn Kashock Russell, Choreographer
  • Never was (7 min); Alejandro Cerrudo, Choreographer
  • The Fantastic Escape of the Little Buffalo (22 min); Clébio Oliveira, Choreographer
  • thrice (14 min); Terence Marling, Choreographer