MCA Talk:
Lisa Lee on Isa Genzken

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A young woman with Asian features and long, dark hair, wears a blue sweater and crosses her arms.
Lisa Lee
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Lisa Lee, contributor to the exhibition’s catalogue, discusses the sculpture-architecture-body connections in Isa Genzken‘s work.

About the Speaker

Lisa Lee, a scholar of modern and contemporary art, is the collegiate assistant professor in the humanities, in the department of art history, and a Harper Fellow at the University of Chicago. Her essay, “Isa Genzken: Model Citizen,” appears in the catalogue for this exhibition. Lee’s writings on Isa Genzken have appeared in the journal October, in the magazine Garage, and in the exhibition catalogue for Modernism as Ruin (Generali Foundation, Vienna, 2009). She is editor of a volume dedicated to Genzken’s work in the MIT Press series October Files, forthcoming in 2015.