The Lonesome Organist Covers Bowie

Free With Admission


The Lonesome Organist
Photo: Marty Perez
The Lonesome Organist
Courtesy of the artist


Presented in conjunction with David Bowie Is

“The Lonesome O plays {takes breath} drums, percussion, organ, harmonica, whistle, tap shoes, saxophone, and vocals, among other things, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I kid you not! Fabulous stuff with lovely line in titles. How about ‘Balloon Race Phenomenon’ or ‘Fly On My Plate’?”
—David Bowie, MOJO, July 2002

An essential figure of Chicago’s post-rock music scene, 5ive Style keyboardist Jeremy Jacobsen records and performs as the Lonesome Organist. For his MCA appearance, the Lonesome Organist performs a selection of David Bowie covers.