Family Day: Lost and Found

Free For Families


Uncover hidden secrets, play with new ideas, and find your creative voice at this Family Day, inspired by the exhibition, Doris Salcedo.

What’s on this month?

  • Make lost posters and find things that have gone missing, with Corinne Mucha and Tim Nickodemus.
  • Contribute to an installation made of found materials, with Victoria Martinez.
  • Seek and find Living Works of Art, with Lindsey Barlag.
  • Have an original poem written just for you, by Poems While You Wait.
  • Kick back, grab a snack, and watch a selection of videos inspired by today’s theme.
  • Curl up and enjoy a book as a family.

Featured image

Participants at Family Day April 12, 2014
Photo: Joshua Longbrake, © MCA Chicago