Tuesdays on the Terrace: Xavier Breaker Coalition

  • Anne & John Kern Terrace Garden
    Outer east side of the MCA, accessible via the back gate and the Commons
    220 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611


Tuesdays are always FREE for Illinois residents.

Featured image

Xavier Breaker
Photo © 2013 Farrad Ali


The Xavier Breaker Coalition formed in 2013 in an effort to design a group that can thrive in a variety of musical situations. The Coalition opened for many groups, including Brian Auger's Oblivion Express and HBC (Scott Henderson, Jeff Berlin, Dennis Chambers). They have been featured in many festivals including the Chicago Jazz Festival and have been the first-call house band for the Keilworth "Saxophone Idol" competition since 2013. The Coalition released their debut album, Dreamology, in 2015.

The Xavier Breaker Coalition features Rajiv Halim (saxophone), Joel Raem (guitar), Jeremiah Hunt (bass), and Xavier Breaker (drums).

In case of rain, the event takes place inside the MCA's Kovler Atrium.