Poetry Is the Only Way to Talk About What Hasn’t Happened Yet, by Sean Ward, Compound Yellow, and The Poetry Foundation

  • The Commons
    Second Floor, East Side
    220 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

Featured image

On a rough wooden table stand three small containers overflowing with flowers.
Pom Pom Mirror
Photo: Edra Soto


Inspired by Sean Ward’s Night Bloomers, Compound Yellow in collaboration with Poetry Foundation leads a series of workshops reflecting on Edra Soto’s Open 24 Hours. All experience levels are welcome to join a series of collaborative activities featuring a drawing workshop led by Chicago-based artist Alberto Aguilar, a poetry workshop led by Poetry Foundation Library Coordinator Maggie Queeney, and an instrument-building and sound-making workshop led by multidisciplinary artist Dan Godston.


About the Artists

Compound Yellow is an experimental arts space in Oak Park, Illinios, providing studio/workshop and exhibition spaces for creative learning and research. Initiated by Laura Shaeffer and Lora Lode, Compound Yellow is comprised of a fluid collective of artists, educators, parents, and engaged citizens who are interested in experimental cultural production, sharing economies, participatory art, and interdisciplinary explorations.

Sean Ward is a New York–based artist. He works as an educator, using empirical methodologies to teach artists and youth within the New York public school system. As a curator, he questions how concept and form find each other in a quotidian context, resulting in a daily practice in the ephemeral, intuitive, and often impulsive.