Teen Creative Agency: Public Program,

Under 21
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  • The Commons
    Second Floor, East Side
    220 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

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TCA youth-led project at the MCA’s 50th anniversary weekend
Photo: Michael Courier


The MCA’s Teen Creative Agency (TCA) hosts a free drop-in hangout with free snacks, youth-led projects, conversation, and more!

Mar 24 Program

Type Rewriters
Our personal histories are often very different from the stories we see in the media, in our government, or in school. Rewrite history, by typing your stories over historical documents.

Parachute Consciousness
Do you remember using that rainbow parachute in elementary school? Experience that activity once again to seek out early memories of yourself.

Apr 7 Program

What Remains To Be Said
Everyone needs the chance to vent, everyone needs affirmation, and everyone needs someone to take care of them. Let TCA take care of you with a chance to talk and receive affirmations and care packages.

Move Your Body
Can you dance to your dreams? Practice feeling comfortable with your body by talking about how you want your body to feel in the future and translating those ideas into danceable music.


The Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust is the generous sponsor of Teen Creative Agency.

Generous support is provided by Lewis S. and Anne Neri Kostiner, the North Shore Affiliate of the MCA, Luminarts Cultural Foundation at the Union League Club of Chicago, and Cynthia Hunt and Philip Rudolph.