Talk: Christopher Kulendran Thomas

Free With Admission
  • Griffin Galleries of Contemporary Art
    Fourth Floor
    220 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

Featured image

An iPhone displaying an unmarked map of Europe rests on crisp white bedding. Futuristic white text reading "NEW EELAM" appears over the middle of the image.
Christopher Kulendran Thomas, from the ongoing work New Eelam, 2017. Design: Manuel Bürger and Simon Schindele; photography: Joseph Kadow; creative director: Annika Kuhlmann

About the event

For the opening of I Was Raised on the Internet, join artist Christopher Kulendran Thomas for a gallery demonstration and talk about his newly commissioned work, New Eelam, made in collaboration with creative director and curator Annika Kuhlmann. The work takes the form of a startup, a real estate technology company being developed collaboratively to provide a new form of flexible global housing—based on collective access rather than individual ownership. Kulendran Thomas discusses this art-led venture and his thoughts on the future of citizenship in an era of technologically accelerated geographic dislocation.

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