In Progress: AuMAR

  • The Commons
    Second Floor, East Side
    220 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

Featured image

AuMAR performing Nocturnal Cyclones, Slutisland Festival, Montreal, (2018)


AuMAR performs Nocturnal Cyclones, a video performance first shown in Montreal last July. Using the moth as a starting motif, AuMAR explores metamorphosis and the chaos that inherently comes with transformation. The evening is presented in partnership with ECLIPSING, a multi-media festival organized by local curator Amina Ross. Through performance, video, and workshops, ECLIPSING celebrates darkness and mines queer imagination to explore blackness beyond the binary.

In Progress is a series designed to give patrons a look into the process of artists, thinkers, and curators organized by Curator of Public Programs January Parkos Arnall and Assistant Curator of Public Programs Christy LeMaster.


About the Artists

AuMAR is the collaborative project of two black indigenous trans women. The genesis of the duo, a video performance titled Plastic Symbiosis, is a manifesto mythologizing their collective journey toward self-definition and actualization by reimagining the process through the tropes of black dolls, RPG games, and mitosis. They use sisterhood as a creative force in order to blur the boundaries between material and spiritual worlds.