Teen Creative Agency: On Belonging,

plus Cal
plus Cal
  • The Commons
    Second Floor, East Side
    220 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

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Teen Creative Agency group photo, 2019
Photo courtesy of the MCA Chicago
Teen Creative Agency Zine Release Party 2018
Photo: Torie McMillan, © MCA Chicago


Members of the Teen Creative Agency (TCA) transform the MCA into a laboratory for public engagement with pop-up conversations and experiences about belonging in America today.

  • Create a business card that communicates the complexities of your identity.
  • Reflect on your responses to harm and learn strategies for healing
  • Ask: Are you part of the problem?
  • Quiz yourself: How much do you know about the US Naturalization Test?
  • Explore the roles of language and technology in (mis)communication.

Conversations will take place throughout the museum and are open to everyone of all ages.

This event is designed and produced by members of the Teen Creative Agency—a group of young people ages 15 to 19 from all over Chicago who meet weekly at the museum—and Lead Artists Amina Ross and Jeremy Kreusch, assisted by Grace Needlman, Manager of Youth and Family Programs, and Ellen Chu, Coordinator of Family, Youth, School, and Teacher Programs.