Walk in our Shoes: Youth in Urban Design

  • The Commons
    Second Floor, East Side
    220 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

Featured images

A group of five young people pose in front of a structure made of wood, metal, and rattan.
Territory’s People Spot installation team, pausing for a portrait
Photo credit: Territory NFP


Join an interactive conversation with youth-led design organizations from across the city, convened by Territory NFP. Talk with youth designers, artists, and activists about what makes spaces safe for young people. Explore sculptural Conversation Spaces designed by Territory youth. In each, engage in a conversation with artists from Territory, Kuumba Lynx, Blok by Blok, and the Arts + Public Life Design Apprenticeship Program about space, power, and transforming the city.

Territory is young people building voice, vision, and agency through the practice of design in communities. Through Territory’s design studio programs, young people practice urban design, public art, and community planning in the neighborhoods where they live and learn. Through Territory’s partnerships young people have a seat at the table, working with local organizations and funders to strengthen communities through design. Through Territory’s apprenticeship design team model, young people find their voice and step up to lead, using design as a platform for civic engagement. Through Territory, young people develop the tools, resources, and power to transform their neighborhoods and the city.

Youth-led events highlight Chicago artists under 21 years old and are organized by Grace Needlman, Manager of Youth and Family Programs, and Ellen Chu, Coordinator of Family, Youth, School, and Teacher Programs.