Pocket Con 2020: Cosplay Contest Awards Ceremony

Under 21


Watch on Facebook Sat, Dec 5, 2020, 5–5:45 pm CT.

About this Event

Crown the winners of Pocket Con 2020’s Cosplay Contest in a celebratory virtual event emceed by Braided Mag’s Dasia. Enjoy videos of top cosplay submissions and hear from our panel of expert judges.

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Image: Terry Huddleston

About Pocket Con

Celebrate the art of costume-making in the world of comics. Crown the winners of Pocket Con 2020’s Cosplay Contest in a virtual event emceed by Braided Mag’s Dasia. Get inspired by this year's contest participants and winners and learn costume-making tips from our panel of expert judges. This celebration is for everyone, regardless of age or cosplay experience!

Pocket Con is a free, single-day convention for Chicago youth presented in partnership with the Chicago Public Library, Free Write Arts & Literacy, and LOKari Productions. Focusing on the work gap in comic culture, Pocket Con features work by underrepresented groups, such as small press and self-published authors, as well as those involved in related forms like web comics, animation, small-budget filmmaking, video game design, and zines. Pocket Con also engages young writers and artists by introducing them to the collaborative process of comic creation. This year, Pocket Con streams live on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and Discord.

Virtual Pocket Con 2020 features:

  • A cosplay contest
  • A drawing contest
  • Musical performances
  • Artist Alley
  • Screenings
  • Workshops
  • Online gaming

Learn more @pocketcon2020.

Braided is an organization geared towards showcasing POC artists, giving them a space to get to know one another, and encouraging them to do the things they love. Follow @braidedmag.

Contest Judges

Papa Bear Cosplay is from Illinois, and the cofounder of the large, active, and community serving group, Chicago People of Color Cosplay. He travels to many cons through the US and does workshops focused on foam crafting and diversity in cosplay panels.

Cospho FX has the ability to put cosplayers in their favorite environments through his gift and passion of photo manipulation, 3D modeling, and motion graphics. They started their career in the cosplay community nine years ago. He is a member and trusted photographer of Age Of The Geeks!

Jenny Prado Cosplayer is a foam smith, graphic designer, crafter, and owner of Prado's Projects. She has been featured in The Walking Dead and Cosplayzine publications, as well as the Women of Cosplay 2017 calendar. In her spare time, Prado enjoys cosplaying for charity events as well as teaching foam smithing and armor construction to people of various levels of proficiency.

Youth-led events highlight Chicago artists under 21 years old and are organized by Hisham Kysia and Vivian Zamora, 2020–21 Teen Creative Agency Apprentices, with the support of Grace Needlman, Manager of Youth and Family Programs.