The Dreamscape


This event takes place on Zoom and across multiple platforms at 2 pm CT.

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Featured images

Concept art for Derek McPhatter Afro-futurist and Afro-surreal dreamscapes. Designed by Daria Borovkova
Brendan Fernandes
Photo: Milo Bosh
Darling “Shear” Squire
Photo: Alison Sweat
Eduardo F. Rosario in collaboration with Nibia Pastrana Santiago, objetos indispuestos, inauguraciones suspendidas o finales inevitables para un casi-baile (indisposed objects, suspended inaugurations or inevitable endings for an almost dance), Whitney Biennial 2019
Photo © Paula Court
eanette Andrews
Photo: Saverio Truglia
Performance view, Joanna Furnans, Doing Fine, High Concept Labs / Mana Contemporary, Chicago, 2019
Photo: Gonzalo Guzman
Lise Haller Baggesen on set with Eleanor Ross and performers Aaliyah Christina and Marceia L. Scruggs. Refuseniks performance, MCA Chicago, 2020
Photo: Ellie Hall
Sadie Woods
Photo: Sarah Hess
Artwork Image Installation view, The Long Dream, MCA Chicago. Work shown: Rhonda Wheatley, Energy grid for grounding into one’s intuition and authentic self. Quells catastrophizing and perpetual fight-or-flight response. Soothes downward spiraling into self-doubt magnified by isolation. May induce fleeting glimpses into the eternal now. Activate re-calibrating energies by gazing into crystals and vessels. Must be 100% voluntary., 2020
Courtesy of the artist, photo: Nathan Keay, © MCA Chicago
Selina Trepp, I Work With What I Have, animation performed live at the MCA with musicians Macie Stewart, Lia Kohl, and Ben Lamar Gay

About this event

Bringing together the time-based and live performances of artists featured in The Long Dream, this culminating event gathers and juxtaposes distinct artworks to evoke new connections between them. Audiences navigate through livestreamed music, video art, meditative performances, and intimate conversations with artists, choosing their own experience.

Gather to experience premieres by Lise Haller Baggesen, Eduardo F. Rosario, Selina Trepp, and SANTIAGO X. Join an interactive chat-based activity with Brendan Fernandes, a DJ set by Sadie Woods, and intimate conversations with artists from The Long Dream. Visit the online video gallery with work by Mariano Chavez/Teeth Agency, Diane Christiansen and Jeanne Dunning, Joanna Furnans, Damon Locks, Derek McPhatter, Cae Monāe, Darling “Shear” Squire, and Derrick Woods-Morrow.

The Long Dream is organized collectively by the Artistic Division, which includes the museum's curatorial, learning, and content teams. This event is organized by January Parkos Arnall, Interim Senior Curator, Tara Aisha Willis, Associate Curator, and Marguerite Wynter, Curatorial Assistant with the Performance and Public Practice Team.

Please note this event takes place at 2 pm Central Time. The workshop with Rhonda Wheatley has been canceled.

The Dreamscape is best experienced using Zoom on a laptop or desktop computer. For more Zoom tips, visit our Virtual Help Event Page.

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Captioning and audio description Sat, Jan 16, 2–6 pm

Automatic captioning is provided for conversations and workshops. Audio description is provided for the premieres by Lise Haller Baggesen and Selina Trepp.

Featured image

Sadie Woods, DJ set at Fonoteca Nacional de México, Lit & Luz Fest 2020
Image courtesy of the artist

Featured image


Featured image

Selina Trepp,* I Work With What I Have*, animation performed live at the MCA with musicians Macie Stewart, Lia Kohl, and Ben Lamar Gay

Featured image

Lise Haller Baggesen, refuseniks in the wild, 2017. Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. Photo: Federico del Vecchio
Courtesy of the artist

Featured image

Derek McPhatter
Photo: Jaclyn Simpson for Lyric Opera Chicago Voices

Featured image

Brendan Fernandes
Photo: Michael Courier

Featured image

Cae Monāe, Nefertiti, Chicago, 2019. Cosmetic and digital
Image courtesy of the artist

Featured image

Joanna Furnans in rehearsal
Photo: Christine Wallers

Featured image

Darling Shear
Photo: Matthew Gregory Hollis

Featured image

Eduardo F. Rosario, On Circulation for Oscillations, Experimental Sound Studio, 2018. Improvised performance
Image courtesy of the artist

Featured image

Jeannette Andrews, Invisible Museums of the Unseen, 2020
Photo: Amanda Abernathy

Dreamscape Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events

2 pm Lise Haller Baggesen screens a new iteration of her work refuseniks at the museum with musical accompaniment by glow in the dark flowers. Audio Description available.

2:30 pm Artists shawné michaelain holloway and Moises Salazar lead a conversation about the politics of opting out—or being excluded—and how to build power and community through practicing consent. Captioning available.

2:30 pm Sound artist and DJ Sadie Woods kicks off an extended DJ set to accompany artworks from The Long Dream.

3:15 pm Selina Trepp screens I Work With What I Have, a new video work comprising footage from her recent musical collaboration with Ben LaMar Gay, Lia Kohl, and Macie Stewart. Audio description available.

4 pm Artists Selina Trepp, Andy Slater, and Andres L. Hernandez lead a discussion on how the sights and sounds around us can become unwitting collaborators in artistic collage. Captioning available.

4:30 pm Eduardo F. Rosario shares his latest work Como lo celeste sitiado (Like the heavens besieged), an experimental sound score, mixed live with tracks from the Chicago Composer’s Orchestra.

5:15 pm Artists Kamau Amu Patton and Mariano Chavez lead an interactive conversation about sound-based art practices, ephemerality, and different ways of documenting and remembering. Captioning available.

5:30 pm SANTIAGO X answers questions about his latest video work, an immersive 360-degree video experience accompanied by a DJ set of original songs exemplifying Indigenous Futurism. A link to view this work is available throughout the day. This work is best viewed using a VR headset!

6 pm Cohost Ayana Contreras closes the event with a final toast.

Throughout the Day in the Home Base

Guest Hosts: Kicking things off at 2 pm, OTV founder and artist, Elijah McKinnon hosts the first two hours of the event, before handing it over to Vocolo host and DJ, Ayana Contreras at 4 pm. Captioning available.

Artist Brendan Fernandes instigates activities in the Zoom’s home base. Using interactive prompts, Fernandes asks how individuals have had to re-imagine gathering, protesting, and achieving critical mass during a global pandemic.

Online Video Gallery 

Viewers are invited to explore performance, music, documentation, and more in this online gallery space, an extension of The Long Dream into the digital realm.


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