Talk: Dan Peterman on Sulfur Cycle 2.0


This program will be streamed to Facebook Live.

Featured images

  • Gallery view of four equal stacks of drywall in front of a window.
Installation view, Dan Peterman: Sulfur Cycle 2.0, MCA Chicago. Dec 12, 2020–Sep 11, 2021.
Photo: Nathan Keay, © MCA Chicago
Gallery view of four equal stacks of drywall in front of a window.
  1. Long Four stacks of light-colored materials, which appear to be drywall, are installed in a gallery setting. Each stack of drywall is about thigh high, is laid out lengthwise along an open window. The bare branches of trees and a street is visible outside the window. The bright sunshine out the window on the left side of the gallery cast shadows from the stacks along the right of the floor.
Installation view, Options 48: Dan Peterman, MCA Chicago. Nov 12–Dec 31, 1994.
Photo: James Prinz, © MCA Chicago

about the event

Chicago artist Dan Peterman's latest exhibition at the MCA digs below the surface of the gallery walls to reveal parts of the museum itself built from fossil fuels. The exhibition traces specific materials across time while also considering the broader environmental and economic systems at play.

For this talk, Peterman is joined in conversation with exhibition curator Jack Schneider as they take us on a journey to discover the impact of fossil fuels in the daily environments we occupy. The discussion will trace the path of Peterman's work and thinking on this project from the original Sulfur Cycle presentation at the MCA in 1994 toward the current presentation 26 years later.

MCA Talks highlight cutting-edge thinking and contemporary art practices across disciplines. This presentation is organized by exhibition curator Jack Schneider, with the Performance and Public Practice team.