Lester Johnson, Self-Portrait in Ochre, 1960

Images of Lester Johnson, Self-Portrait in Ochre

The head of a bald person is rendered in a dark mustard color against a white background
  1. Long A human face, seen from the neck up, is centered against a white background surrounded by a thin black border. The head of the person is bald and rendered with a dark-mustard skin tone, with protruding ears, deep black eyes, and gestural eyebrows. A faint outline of a mouth is also noticeable. The white background is lightly textured in shades of white and cream.
Lester Johnson, American, b. 1919
Self-Portrait in Ochre, 1960
Oil on canvas
55 ½ × 68 in. (141 × 172.7 cm)
Collection Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Gift of Beatrice Cummings Mayer, 1991.86

Photo: Nathan Keay, © MCA Chicago