Kenneth Noland, Springs:August Light, 1961

Images of Kenneth Noland, Springs:August Light

Four concentric circles painted on a square canvas with a dark wood frame
  1. Long A beige, square canvas with a slender, dark wood frame. A large, dark orange circle nestled within three concentric rings occupies the bottom center of the painting. The innermost circle is a solid, yellow-orange, resembling the yolk of an egg. It is is uniformly encircled by a thin and white ring. The next ring is the largest; it is bright yellow and broad, almost the width of the center circle’s radius. It is an imperfect ring, with a small, rounded bite missing at the 11 o’clock position. A fourth ring, slightly darker beige than the canvas, appears faint and transparent; the effect is less a shadow than a secretion spreading from the paint. The circles are vivid and immediately draw your eye, but they show no illusion of depth, and the overall effect of the painting is very flat. As you look closer, you notice a tiny dot of bright yellow floating to the upper left of the circles, like a planet orbiting a many-ringed sun.
Kenneth Noland, American, b. 1924
Springs:August Light, 1961
Acrylic on canvas
Panel: 45 5/8 × 45 5/8 in. (115.9 × 115.9 cm) framed: 46 ½ × 46 7/8 × 1 ¾ in. (118.1 × 119.1 × 4.4 cm)
Collection Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Gift of William J. Hokin, 1984.52

Photo: Nathan Keay, © MCA Chicago