Allen Jones, Miss America, 1965

Images of Allen Jones, Miss America

Four cactuses and three images of a woman in cowgirl garb appear on a white background with blue sky.
  1. Long In the vertical image, the top fifth is blue, with the tops of four green cactuses extending up to the edge of the image. The cactuses grow from a white, wavy foreground like sand dunes. The whiteness extends to the bottom of the image. Next to one of the cactuses is a photo of the smiling cowgirl woman, standing with her hand on her hip. She wears a cowboy hat, red and white gingham top unbuttoned to her navel, yellow shorts, and brown cowboy boots while holding a small pistol in her other hand. The same photo is copied and manipulated twice beneath the original photo, with each copy slanting in opposite directions in a zig-zag pattern. In the bottom right corner, the back side of a postcard appears, as if pasted to the image.
Allen Jones, British, b. 1937
Miss America, 1965
Lithograph on paper
23 7/8 × 19 15/16 in. (60.6 × 50.6 cm)
Collection Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Gift of Edward Weiss, 1981.49.10

Photo: Nathan Keay, © MCA Chicago