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Mariko Mori, Birth of a Star, 1995

Images of Mariko Mori, Birth of a Star

A woman with bright, color contacts, short spiky purple hair, and a futuristic, plastic outfit, stands in the middle of a white room surrounded by floating colored balls. She poses like a pop singer holding a microphone that looks like a small spaceship and wearing large headphones.
  1. Long Each ball is a different color and they appear to be made of rubber or plastic. Everything in the picture appears to be made of plastic: from the acrylic, plaid skirt the woman is wearing, to the spaceship shaped microphone she holds, to the oversized headphones she wears over her purple hair. The full figure of the woman is visible and in addition to the plaid miniskirt, she is wearing white tights with geometric markings at her knee, white boots, a black sequin top and plastic circlets over her, kneck, shoulders and arms. She poses like a pop singer with her eyes looking directly at the viewer, her gaze is made more unnerving by the intensely bright yellow white contact lenses she is wearing which cover her irises entirely and reduce her pupils to small black dots.
Mariko Mori, Japanese, b. 1967
Birth of a Star, 1995
3-D Duratrans, acrylic, and light box and audio
70 3/16 × 45 ¼ × 4 ¼ in. (178.3 × 114.9 × 10.8 cm)
Collection Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Gift of The Peter Norton Family Foundation, 1996.6.a-c

Photo: Nathan Keay, © MCA Chicago