Doris Salcedo, Disremembered III, 2014

Images of Doris Salcedo, Disremembered III

A grayish tunic made entirely out of small metal sewing needles hangs from a white wall.
  1. Long Hanging from two barely visible hooks on a white wall is what appears to be a very thin translucent grey fabric in the form of a cardigan. The garment has sleeves, with its open side facing the wall. Upon closer inspection, one realizes that the fabric is made of hundreds, if not thousands, of sewing needles held to one another with a barely visible white silk thread. The artwork gives the initial impression of being a simple fabric but as the viewer realizes that the piece is meticulously made of so many sharp and hard pieces, the illusion of soft folds become more impressive. The fabric looks weightless, like a ghost fabric.
Doris Salcedo, b. 1958, Bogotá; lives in Bogotá
Disremembered III, 2014
Sewing needles and silk thread
33 7/8 × 18 ½ × 5 1/8 in. (86 × 47 × 13 cm)
Collection Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Promised gift of Helen and Sam Zell in honor of Anne L. Kaplan, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Board Chair 2015-2018, PG2015.3

Photo: Nathan Keay, © MCA Chicago