D’nell Larson: Café Project


D’nell Larson, a Chicago-based artist, has created a site-specific installation for the MCA’s cafe and restaurant. The work includes binding together hundreds of pink and red feathers to create a zigzag structure that will cover the length of the ceiling. The hovering feathers across the space illustrate Larson’s interest in notions of destiny, seduction, and desire; they represent for the artist an irregular, lengthy, and complex pathway to one’s heart. Larson’s sculptures amplify the nature of aesthetic experience, space and sculptural form. Often striking an odd pose between the “”feminine”” and the “”masculine,”” Larson’s work often incorporates luscious materials such as beads, candy, silk flowers, fabric, and ribbon in her sculptures which occupy an authoritative presence.

This exhibition is organized by MCA Curatorial Assistant Sylvia Chivaratanond.


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