UBS 12 x 12: New Artists/New Work:Danielle Gustafson-Sundell with Carrie Gundersdorf


For this new installation created specifically for the MCA, titled The Make-Out, Danielle Gustafson-Sundell invited Carrie Gundersdorf to include one of her paintings in order to explore Gustafson’s idea that works of art can metaphorically make out with and have crushes on each other. While Gustafson-Sundell cites influences such as minimalist sculpture, Gundersdorf’s large, abstract paintings recall early modernist works. Both incorporate handcrafted elements and personal references.

Gustafson-Sundell received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and an MFA from Northwestern University. Gundersdorf received a BA from Connecticut College and an MFA from SAIC.


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Additional support for The Make-Out is provided by the North Shore Affiliate of the Museum of Contemporary Art.


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