UBS 12 x 12: New Artists/New Work:Dianna Frid


Dianna Frid is interested in the concrete presence of objects and images, and in how they can serve as vehicles for addressing formal and thematic questions that deal with space, shifting scales, color, illumination, and materiality as well as with history, time, science, and metaphor. Her 12 x 12 project is inspired by the architecture and function of Victorian greenhouses, by the shape of islands as seen from the sky, and by the digging of wells. Her project also includes: a site-specific, mural-size drawing/sculpture made of cloth and aluminum foil; a fleet of two-dimensional vessels that allude to utopian flying machines; a papier-maché sculpture that houses living palm trees; and a residual sculpture made performatively through the endurance of cutting and stacking hundreds of layers of cloth.


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