UBS 12 x 12: New Artists/New Work:Haptic and Lisa Slodki


Lisa Slodki, analog video gear used in live performance with Haptic, 2009
Courtesy of the artist
Haptic and Lisa Slodki, Triptych (detail), 2009. Video monitors, VCRs, videotape, mixer, contact microphones, and speakers; overall dimensions variable
Courtesy of the artists
Lisa Slodki, still from The Medium, 2009. Manipulated found footage, DVD collaboration with Haptic
Courtesy of the artist


Using analogue sound technology and found images, experimental musicians Haptic (Steven Hess, Joseph Clayton Mills, and Adam Sonderberg) and video artist Lisa Slodki (aka Noisecrush) collaborate to create real time, improvised, audiovisual environments. Characterized by a rigorous attention to sonic detail, Haptic creates densely textured soundscapes that range from stark minimalism to carefully controlled chaos. In response to Haptic’s music, Slodki uses VCRs, video monitors, and projections of digitally manipulated found footage to generate images that emphasize subtle emotions and gestures. In addition to a collaborative sound and video installation, Haptic and Slodki perform live each Tuesday (November 10, 17, and 24 at 7 pm) in the 12 x 12 gallery, where the visual and auditory components of their performance are mixed and created within the space.


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