Art in Free Spaces


The MCA’s grounds include a variety of free spaces, and there is art by artists of local and international renown in all of them. Explore the temporary and semi-permanent projects on view now in the Atrium, the Commons, the Sculpture Garden, the Street, and our restaurant, Marisol.

Thomas Schütte, Ganz Grosse Geister (Big Spirits XL), 2004

Three yellow sculptures of abstract human figures stand as if communicating with each other outdoors in an urban setting.


  1. Long Three yellow and white forms are installed on an outdoor terrace. The forms resemble human bodies, yet they have no faces. The heads of the forms are created from coiled, hard textured material and the bodies are similarly constructed of coiled material, arranged into torsos, arms and legs. The scale of the figures is about double the size of an average person and the are arranged about a half of a figure length apart from each other. The figure on the left appears to have its head tilted to the sky, while the center figure faces to the right, where the third figure bends lightly towards the ground, hand upraised. The bright color of the figures contrasts with urban scene in the background: behind the figures a black fence, green leafy trees and tall gray buildings are visible. The sky is bright blue and the bright light of mid-day casts sharp shadows below the figures.

Jene Highstein, Floating World, 1986

Photograph of a person-sized rounded outdoor sculpture made of grey, textured stone


Erin Shirreff, Sculpture for Snow, 2011

A matte black geometric sculpture juts out from the snowy ground. Two of its faces, one square and one triangular, are perfectly covered by a white layer of snow.