Commons Artist Project


The Commons Artist Project is a biannual exhibition series that provides a platform for artists to create commissioned installations that consider the big issues of our time. Developed in dialogue with our visitors, the projects provide direct opportunities to interact with the works and ideas of local and regional artists of national recognition. The Commons also hosts an array of programs and community meetings. New events and experiences are added to our Programs page regularly.


  • Commons Artist Project:blkHaUS studios
    Two people stand on small mounds that are woven like wicker baskets. They are surrounded by four other similar mounds and urban greenery.
  • Commons Artist Project:Brendan Fernandes, A Call and Response
    1. Long Two people perform in an empty outdoor parking lot, one lunging and one leaning back, with their arms extended forward and wrists flexed. They seem to face each other, but the masculine person is closer to you and the feminine person is several paces further back. Their dark skin is highlighted by bright sunlight shining toward you that casts their shadows on the asphalt. The sky is blue and palm trees are in the background.
  • Commons Artist Project:Public Fiction with Triple Canopy
    A yellow-tinged scene features three sculptural busts resting upright on a transparent pedestal. Two smiling McDonald's chicken nugget characters face forward in front of a shimmery backdrop.
  • Commons Artist Project:Joan Giroux
    Various translucent maps, assembled into the three-dimensional shape of houses, are arranged on a table covered with more maps.
  • Commons Artist Project:Edra Soto: Open 24 Hours
    Thirteen colorless glass bottles and two green bottles, each a different shape and size and without a label, stand in a cluster in front of a white wall.