BMO Harris Bank Chicago Works: Andrew Yang

Jul 26–Dec 31, 2016


Just right of center, an organic round shape in a hazy light gray seems to emerge from a jet black background. It hovers around or behind a bright white spot at its center.
Andrew Yang, A beach (for Carl Sagan) (detail), 2016 . Courtesy of the artist
Two side-by-side photos depict objects of a similar size. On the left is a human placenta on a hospital gauze and on the right is a lava rock resting in a persons outstretched hands.
Andrew Yang, placenta/lava, 2011. Courtesy of the artist
Seven glass bowls contain various solids and liquids. The bowls are stacked on a shelf: two on the left, three in the middle and two on the right.
Andrew Yang, Stella’s Stoichiometry (all things being equal, 6lb. 13 oz), 2012. Courtesy of the artist
Various rocks and objects that look like rocks are arranged on a white table, spaced evenly apart.
Andrew Yang, the Way within, 2016. Courtesy of the artist
Two mounds of sand sit on a dark gray carpet in a dark room with a small white projection that looks like a bacterial growth directly above the mounds.
Andrew Yang, 2016, A beach(for Carl Sagan), Photo: Paul Carlo Esposito