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The Last Frame: Let’s Go Bowling Right Meow

By Lauren Reese

Featured image

A 35 mm black-and-white film frame depicts a camera strap looping down toward the lower part of a right leg clad in denim as the person raises their foot to take a step.
FRAME 10: On roll documenting the exhibition opening New Dimensions: Volume and Space, MCA Chicago, Mar 10–20, 1979
Photo © MCA Chicago

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FRAME 11: MCA Staff Bowling Party at Southport Lanes, Mar 31, 1995
Photo: James Prinz, © MCA Chicago

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FRAME 12A: On roll dedicated to the exhibition installation Murals for the People, Feb 13–Mar 13, 1971
Photo: Jean-Claude Lejeune, © MCA Chicago

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As we continue the countdown to MCA 50 with our series of happy accidents, frames 10, 11, and 12 seem to hint at the personalities and interests of our staff photographers while providing a behind-the-scenes look at life at the MCA.

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