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Dancing, from Chicago to the Shire

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A person jumps leaning forward in mid air, with arms and legs stretched backwards.
Neighborhood Dances Workshop, Aurora Tabar, Chicago, IL, 2015
Photo: Michael Courier


Dancers of all skill levels from around the world responded to choreographer and dancer Victoria Bradford’s invitation to participate in Neighborhood Dances, a series of works that explore how a specific environment can inspire improvised movement. As part of her project, Bradford provided a list of rules for dancers, including "find a building that matches your outfit" and "scratch, roll, shake." They were then required to film themselves dancing, upload a clip to Instagram, and tag #Neighborhood Dances. Of the many submissions posted, Bradford will select three to use as the basis of her event on April 15.

See how some of the dancers responded to their own settings in these Neighborhood Dances submissions:

Artists Up Close: Michael Savona