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Chicagoland Shorts: Meet the Artists

By Mandy Work Wetzel

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Diana Delgado Pineda, still from YO NO SOY ESA, 2014
Image courtesy of the artist

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Chicagoland Shorts is a short film series curated by Full Spectrum Features that celebrates the new wave of independent cinema happening right now in Chicago. At the collection's forefront are filmmakers typically underrepresented in mainstream media who produce genre- and boundary-pushing short films. While Chicagoland Shorts Vol. 3 tours the US later this year, join us in the Edlis Neeson Theater for the program’s world premiere tonight. As a preview, Mandy Work Wetzel, Event Producer, pulled a few interview clips from the CLS Vol. 3 collection.

Martin Mulcahy


on Martin

Martin Mulcahy has worked in experimental film/animation for 5 years and in graphic design for 25 years. He enjoys exploring unique storytelling through mixed media (photography, film, motion graphics, audio, and animation techniques). His work focuses on identity and location. He hopes you find inspiration in his work.

Interviewer: Raul Benitez (Comfort Station Programmer)

Amanda Gutierrez


on Amanda

Born in Mexico City in 1978, Amanda Gutierrez completed her graduate studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago specializing in performance and new media. For 12 years, she has worked in the field of performance and sound art, fusing the two disciplines in installation projects that are performed under the same methodology and work strategies as documentary and performance art.

Interviewer: Beckie Stochetti (Chicago Film Office, Chicagoland Shorts Curator)

Jennifer Fagan and Jeanne Donegan


about Jennifer and Jeanne

Jennifer Fagan is an artist, curator, writer, and activist living and working in Chicago. She is interested in the intersection of art, activism, and creative communities.

Jeanne Donegan is an artist living in Chicago. Her work focuses on issues of femininity, desire, and intimate relationships.

Interviewer: Mandy Work Wetzel

SHIH YU CHU, a.k.a. Elliott Chu


on Shih Yu

SHIH YU is my Taiwanese name, and Elliott is my American name. None of them can represent me.

Interviewer: Dane Haiken (Full Spectrum Features Program Director)

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