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Box Office Picks: 2017–18 Season

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Faye Driscoll, Thank You For Coming: Play. Pictured: Lindsay Head and Laurel Snyder
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We recently announced an MCA Stage season that is filled with up-and-coming artists, intimate performances, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Our Box Office staff are positive that many of these performances will sell out so, before they do, we asked a few staff members and interns which performance(s) they are most looking forward to attending.

Max’s Picks

Three men and one woman stand on a beach on a sunny day wearing heavy parkas.

Mind Over Mirrors’ Bellowing Sun is a show that I cannot wait to see and hear. Whether musicians think about it or not, theatrics and visual art are an implicit part of music performance, and they can make or break a concert as much as the actual music can. It’s thrilling to see such an innovative and compelling composer bring these elements into the mix as a meaningful part of the composition and I cannot wait to hear Mind Over Mirrors’ new music through this highly intentional lens. It is exciting to think that with the audience encircling the ensemble, Bellowing Sun will come into conversation with the rest of the performance season on topics such as community and thoughtful togetherness.

Bonus: Mind Over Mirrors performs in an ensemble format rather than Jaime Fennelly’s usual solo setup.

  1. Long Four people are standing on a beach. The strong light from behind the figures is casting long shadows before them onto the sand. Behind the standing people, the sandy beach terminates into a line of brush and beach grass about two thirds of the way up our field of vision. The sky is pale blue in contrast to the people who are dressed mostly in dark clothing. The casually dressed, fair-skinned people are wearing winter gear, suggesting that despite the beach location the temperature is cold.
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