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Art-Forward Costumes


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With the window for trick-or-treating rapidly approaching, we thought we’d help out any procrastinators looking for a costume. And since our gallery guards and Visitor Service Associates spend a lot of time getting to know the works on view, we asked a few of them what artwork from the collection they would want to make into a costume. Their inspirations, which are shown in the video, varied wildly; each selection is also listed below. To find your own art-inspired costume, view our entire collection online.

Featured image

Rendering of Little Face costume
Photo: Bridget O'Carroll

Little Face


What you'll need:
Plastic box
Blue and red paint
Bottle caps glasses

Make a plastic box to use as frame around your face
Paint your nose blue and your lips bright red
Make/buy bottle-cap glasses
Use the cardboard to make a "Blow Me" sign—a hint at Calder's desire for his sculptures to move

Featured image

Ernesto Neto, Water Falls from My Breast to the Sky, 2017

Lifeboat Water Falls

"Conceived as a half-and-half costume, Lifeboat Water Falls combines the net form of the Neto with the lifeboat—two water-themed artworks."

Featured Work

Takashi Murakami, Wink Sculpture (pink), 2001


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