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Teens Take Over: The Museum

By Kalina GacBảo Nguyễn

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21Minus finale, Jun 16, 2018
Photo: Grace DuVal


Each year, the MCA’s Teen Creative Agency (TCA) puts on 21Minus, a teen takeover of the museum featuring performances, workshops, zines, and installations from young people from all over Chicago. What takes place in a blur of energy and enthusiasm over an afternoon in June is the product of months of work by many people. TCA is taking over the blog to give you an inside look at the process and some of the young artists involved.

In these short videos, TCA members Bo Nguyn and Kalina Gac documented the final days of preparation before 21Minus. Know young people who would want to be a part of putting on 21Minus next year? Have them apply by tomorrow, June 23, 2018, or nominate a teen.

Video 1

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A TCA member assembles the Keeping Secrets zine. This zine was used to lead 21Minus guests in a scavenger hunt.

Video 2

Video 3

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TCA members cut colored strips of paper to stuff into unicorn-shaped piñatas. Each of these strips of paper contains a written prompt that directs museumgoers to break museum norms and make new friends.

Video 4

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TCA members prepare for the 21Minus finale with a group stretch.

Video 5

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“There will be a schedule on the back of your badge!” TCA co-lead artist Jeremy Kreusch assists in role-play at 21Minus artist and staff meeting.

Video 6

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TCA member Tallulah Cartalucca assembles her soft sculpture, a giant mouth entryway to the MCA’s 4th-floor lobby.

Video 7

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TCA co-lead artist Amina Ross assists in role-play of the 21Minus finale.

Video 8

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TCA member Alexiss Villagomez rehearses the 21Minus finale.


Videos are courtesy of the authors.

Teens Take Over: Their Histories