Jenny Holzer


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For over thirty years, Jenny Holzer's work has paired the use of text and the centrality of installation to examine emotional and societal realities. Her choice of forms and media brings a sensate experience to the contradictory voices, opinions, and attitudes that shape everyday life. With a turn in practice towards greater visual and environmental presence, Holzer joins political bravura with formal beauty, sensitivity, and power.

With essays by Joan Simon and Elizabeth A. T. Smith, and an interview with the artist by Benjamin H. D. Buchloh, this publication centers on Jenny Holzer's work from 1990 to the present. Published by Hatje Cantz.

Table of Contents

8 Directors' Foreword
9 Introduction and Acknowledgments
11 Other Voices, Other Forms by Joan Simon
27 Protect Protect: The Socially Useful Art of Jenny Holzer by Elizabeth A. T. Smith
34 L.E.D.
50 Indoor Projections
62 Paintings
82 Outdoor Projections
98 Lustmord
108 Benches
117 An Interview with Jenny Holzer by Benjamin H. D. Buchloh
126 Captions and Credits