The Best of Keren Cytter/The Worst of Keren Cytter


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The Best of Keren Cytter/The Worst of Keren Cytter is the first comprehensive publication of multidisciplinary artist Keren Cytter’s video screenplays. The artist invited two curators, Jacob Fabricius, formerly of the Kunsthal Charlottenborg, and Naomi Beckwith, of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, to read and categorize transcripts of the entire body of her video work. The curators then debated the merits of every screenplay, ultimately deeming them representative of the best or worst of her work. This softcover, two-volume publication contains essays by both curators, explaining their experience reading and categorizing the screenplays, as well as two posters depicting stills from the best and worst of the artist’s work.

This book is published by the Kunsthal Charlottenborg and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, on the occasion of the exhibition Keren Cytter, curated and presented by Jacob Fabricius at the Kunsthal Charlottenborg, September 19–December 28, 2014; and at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, March, 28–October 4, 2015, where it was organized by Naomi Beckwith.

Scripts by Keren Cytter; edited and with contributions by Naomi Beckwith and Jacob Fabricius; and produced by the Wrong Studio, in collaboration with the Design, Publishing, and New Media Department of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

Table of Contents

The Best of Keren Cytter

13 Atmosphere
25 Coat
31 Corrections
51 The Date Series
103 Der Spiegel
117 Disillusioned Love Two
131 Dreamtalk
145 Experimental Film
151 Fifteenth of December
193 Four Seasons
203 The Hottest Day of the Year
221 In Search for Brothers
230 New Age
291 Ocean
307 Open House
317 Performance Audience Mirror
325 Rose Garden
339 Show Real Drama
365 Silent Film
371 Siren
389 Something Happened
299 The True Story of John Webber and his Endless Struggle with the Table of Content
431 Untitled
446 Vengeance
599 The Victim
627 Video Art Manual
641 War and Peace

The Worst of Keren Cytter

13 Avalanche
59 Brush
101 Continuity
107 Cross.Flowers.Rolex
137 Disillusioned Love
151 Empty Cans of Tuna
161 Family
169 Force from the Past
179 French Film
187 The Friends Series
205 The Heart
221 I Eat Pickles At Your Funeral
267 Konstruktion
285 The Legend of Devil's Hill and the Endless Search for Freedom
345 Les Ruisselement du Diable
359 MF PIG
373 The Mysterious Series
405 Nightmare
413 Nothing
427 Peacocks
441 Pokerface
449 Repulsion
457 Square Triangle Straight Line
481 Time
495 Video Dance