Paul Pfeiffer


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Paul Pfeiffer's work examines contemporary notions of race and sexual identity and how we respond to the human body when it is placed in extreme situations such as ecstasy and pain. Pfeiffer's work also explores issues of time and the increasingly blurry distinction between reality and representation in everyday life. Recent installation pieces transfer mediated, image-based knowledge into physical spaces, with references to movies like The Amityville Horror. This catalogue, the first significant publication devoted to Pfeiffer's work, includes full-color reproductions, biographical and bibliographic information, and scholarly essays.

Table of Contents

9 Foreword
11 Corporealities by Dominic Molon
31 Paul Pfeiffer and John Baldessari in Conversation
43 Morning after the Deluge by Jane Farver
51 An Un-home at the End of the World by Lawrence Chua
54 Biography and Exhibition History
58 Bibliography
60 Acknowledgments
63 Photography Credits