Simon Starling


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Copenhagen-based artist Simon Starling (British, b. 1967) may be contemporary art's leading "metamorphologist": an acute observer of transformation as an active force in the world and of metamorphosis as the basis for singular sculptures, photographs, and films. Starling often traces global circuits of production and trade, or investigates art history as embodied by modernist icons such as Henry Moore and Constantin Brancusi. This volume, part of the series MCA Monographs, accompanies the first US museum exhibition to present a substantial cross-section of Starling's work from the past decade.

Copublished by the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and ARTBOOK | D.A.P., it includes essays by Manilow Senior Curator Dieter Roelstraete on metamorphosis in Starling's work, and by Mark Godfrey, Curator of International Art at Tate Modern, on the artist's uses of photography. Starling's Brancusi-inspired 2014 project for The Arts Club of Chicago debuts here as well, with contextual essays by the artist and Arts Club executive director Janine Mileaf.

Table of Contents

6 Director's Foreword
8 Acknowledgments
13 Metamorphology by Dieter Roelstraete
25 Plates
49 Footnotes to an Installation View by Janine Mileaf
61 This Thing Is Made to Perpetuate My Memory, or Notes on the Provenance of an Exhibition by Simon Starling
111 Prints, Particles, Palaces, and Planets: Simon Starling and Photography by Mark Godfrey
130 Selected Exhibition History
133 Selected Biography
134 Exhibition Checklist
135 Contributors
136 Lenders and Sponsors